Production planning according to the demand with SmartID.ShopFloor

SmartID.ShopFloor allows you to plan your production in regard with the demand, it captures and processes production information and it controls and deals with all the production problems. With one solution, you prevent and solve production issues before they escalate. This solution interconnects with ERP system of the factory and with the production equipments and it offers visibility upon the main processes:

  • Production Operations
  • Stocks Operations
  • Quality and Maintenance Operations
  • Planning

With SmartID.Shop you get:

  • Quick reaction to deviations
  • Structural and sustainable solution to problems
  • Optimal resources allocation
  • More rigid and optimized processes
  • Efficient planning and control
  • Clear description of the results and of the estimated potential
  • The transparency of the actual status rises and also the trends
  • Much more efficient communication
  • The teams’ discipline grows
  • A better implication and motivation of the workforce